I’m fairly certain it was in the pages of the late & great Arthur Magazine (in its second run, broadsheet edition) that I came across a notice that Michael Hurley was recording anti-GMO songs and inviting other artists to send to him theirs for a compilation. The idea stuck in my head because Hurley, while he IS a folk singer, with roots that reach all the way down into the Folkways Records firmament, he’s not the kind of folk singer that usually sings protest songs.

He is, however, one of my favorite singers, regardless of the genre. He’s got so many hits, so many records that work right for so many moods, and he keeps putting out ringers regardless of how many decades he’s been recording. (Armchair Boogie is the old classic; Blue Hills & Land of Lo-Fi & Fat Boy Spring are all good records from recent years.)

Anyway, we were plowing through the All You Can Eat issue, doing stuff on hunger, on jails, trying to think about how to address that topic from as many angles as possible‚Ķ and that’s when I thought of Hurley on GMOs. Perfect way to tackle the topic without putting anybody to sleep.

The song is less rant than lament. Agree with him or not, the song will earworm its way into your day-to-day. And the flipside by Wes Buckley, a singer that Hurely hipped us to, is a beauty, with some fine, fine lyrics and a melody that’s like sundown over a buxom field of wheat.

May 2014, 7-inch 45rpm record; full-color jackets; one-time pressing of 500