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Lucky Peach Issue 7, the Travel issue, is about going places—and sometimes getting lost. Anthony Bourdain talks Deliverance, Apocalypse Now, and Southern Comfort. Harold McGee schools us about the (possibly) harmful substances that travel from plastic to-go containers and into our food. Roy Choi waxes poetic on “the Aloha spirit.” Jason Polan visits the most beautiful Taco Bell in the world. And it wouldn’t be a travel issue without travel tips galore: how to avoid traveler’s diarrhea (Benjamin Wolfe), the ins and outs of street food (Rick Bayless), and all about traveling with kids (Naomi Duguid). Ultimately, we learn that getting lost means finding good stuff in places we least expect it: chicken tamales at a gay cantina in Mérida; the world’s most dangerous chicken in Rio de Janeiro; an epic sub on the Jersey Shore. Plus: the history of curry—the world’s best traveled dish—from bunny chow to fish-head curry, along with recipes too.


  • Travel tips from Aziz Ansari, Jonathan Gold, Mario Batali, and more
  • Punk rock touring with Brooks Headley
  • On the road with Andy Ricker
  • Eating camel with Anissa Helou
  • Cocktail recipes straight from the minibar
  • Dispatches from Crete, Tartarstan, North Korea
  • New fiction by Jack Pendarvis
  • Hawaiian recipes from Roy Choi and Christina Tosi
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June 2013, 166 pages