The Chefs and Cooks issue, the third installment of Lucky Peach, attempts to answer a few pressing questions: What does it mean to be a cook in today’s age of celebrity chefdom? Where is cooking headed? How did the molten chocolate cake make its way from Michel Bras’s restaurant in Laguiole, France to the Wal-Mart freezer case? What happens, exactly, when bartenders spank mint? The answers arrive from all over the place: Mario Batali recalls the early days of Food Network; Meredith Erickson spends an afternoon with Fergus Henderson; Naomi Duguid visits street vendors in Chiang Mai. We talk to cooks from Fort Bragg to Paris to the South Pole. There are recipes for barbecue-chicken pizza, pasta primavera, Christina Tosi’s upside-down pineapple cake, and more.


  • Harold McGee on “molecular gastronomy”
  • Anthony Bourdain at the movies
  • Christine Muhlke talks food and fashion
  • A visit to Joe Beef
  • Art by Fede Yankelovich, Esther Pearl Watson, and Lisa Hanawalt
  • Recipes for your mom
  • A pull-out poster by Matt Furie
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March 2012, 176 pages