Where to buy Lucky Peach

(If not right here.)

Back Issues + Merchandise




Why can’t I subscribe and buy back issues at the same time?

Subscriptions and back issues are currently two separate systems, with separate transaction processes.

What are my shipping options?

There are different options for US, Canada, and international. You’ll be able to calculate your shipping price before payment, and we’ve selected methods for each country to provide a combo of reliable service and affordable pricing.

How can I track my items once they’ve shipped?

If available, tracking will be emailed to the address you provide during store site checkout.

I noticed some items are out of stock. Will they ever be reprinted?

Magazines require a large print-run to make any economic sense, so in general, no. But who knows when we might change our minds, or find lost treasures in our warehouse—so don’t lose hope!

Can I log in using the same account information from my subscription?

No. Store site information and subscriptions are currently two separate processes.


What are the benefits of subscribing?

As a subscriber, you’ll receive four issues of Lucky Peach at nearly half the newsstand cost, delivered directly to your door. That’s a year’s worth of your favorite essays, recipes, art, comics, photos, and more without ever having to leave the security of your electric-fence-protected compound. It’s scary out there—subscribing is your safest option.

What is an auto-renewing subscription?

An auto-renewing subscription means that you’ll never have to worry about missing an issue because you forgot to renew. When your subscription expires after 4 issues, we’ll automatically charge you an additional $28 (Domestic), and you’ll receive the next 4 issues.

I just bought a subscription. When will the first issue arrive?

Your new issue should arrive in at least 6 weeks, if not sooner.

I want to buy multiple subscriptions and send them to different addresses. How do I do that?

You’ll have be able to purchase up to 4 subscriptions at a time. Checking the “Is this a gift?” box will help our system understand that you’re not defrauding us.

I want to buy multiple subscriptions, and send them to the same address. How do I do that?

This is a great idea—you don’t want to be left in the lurch if you drop your copy of the magazine in the toilet. Purchase each subscription separately or contact us.

Institutions, restaurants, or stores looking for bulk subscriptions should contact us.

Do you ship internationally? 

Oui, señor! Of course. There’s a drop-down menu on our checkout page that lists just about every country on Earth. Shipping varies with each country.


What does Lucky Peach’s editorial calendar look like for the next year or so?

Lucky Peach is published every February, May, August, and November.

How do I purchase single (or back) issues?

The two best options are right here at the online store, or from your local independent bookstore.

What is your refund policy?

All subscribers are entitled to a refund for any issues that have not been mailed for a prorated amount.


I subscribed through a non–Lucky Peach channel (i.e. Food 52, the Breville registry program, etc.). How do I access my account? 

You can set up an account on our Customer Service dashboard, and link your account with your subscription account number. Once you set up your account, you will be able to renew or make modifications to your subscription.


How do I renew my subscription, change my address, or view how many issues I have left?

All your subscription information is now available on your Account Management Page. If you have not created a user account, please set an account up.


Where do I find my renewal code?

Your renewal code is printed on your address label. If you no longer have your address label, reach out to us at 877-292-1504 or 386-246-0565 (outside USA) and we’ll set you up.


I received Lucky Peach as a gift. How do I renew my subscription using my own billing information?

Log in to your account, and renew your subscription or change any of your information.


I subscribed a while ago and still haven’t received my first issue. What gives?

If 6 weeks (domestic orders) or 8 weeks (international orders) have passed and you have not received a copy, please contact customer service to have a new copy sent.

That said, if you live in the U.S. and you see the issue on newsstands before it arrives in your mailbox, we want to know about it. To report your missing issue, email us and we’ll rectify the situation as quickly as possible.


I notice that on my account page, my subscription type says PRINTED. Is there another kind of subscription?

No, not right now. Good catch, though.